Pharmacists will now have the
chance to own the third biggest multiple in the U.K.

A unique opportunity has presented itself to purchase the CO-OP pharmacy chain. With operating profits of over £60 million per year, it is an investor viable proposition.

An investment fund specifically for pharmacists to purchase the entire CO-OP chain is in the process of being created.

Pharmacists will now have the chance to own the third biggest multiple in the U.K.

With over 750 branches, the CO-OP pharmacy represents a strong, recognised brand that can be built upon and the upside shared between pharmacists. There is significant value to be unlocked from the pharmacy chain.

Mission Statement:

A forward thinking pharmacy business working synergistically with the pharmacy profession delivering a clinically driven and a superior customer experience that generates profitable and rewarding returns.

A successful bid means the CO-OP Pharmacy will be run by a management team that is passionate about retail pharmacy.

The consortium is currently in the preliminary stages. The response has been phenomenal and the fund has already registered over £52,000,000 in pledges from pharmacists so far.

We have a very strong and accomplished management team who all have experience in successfully running pharmacy businesses at top level of various sizes including the big five.

They have the prerequisites to drive the business and create value to fuel sustainable growth and generate long term returns.

Roadmap to Acquisition

Stage 1

The first stage is to secure pledges in principal from pharmacist investors. The pledges are not binding but an initial pledge based on the R.O.I. pathways and business plan stacking up to the pledgers.

This is a medium to long term investment strategy. This investment will appeal to pharmacists who are passionate about their profession and want to invest in the future of pharmacy.

Stage 2

Once the consortium gains enough traction, our team will create and release the business plan and strategy to present to pledgers in the form of an investment prospectus.

Get the consortium bid recognised and start the negotiation process.

Stage 3

The consortium has two investment houses ready to assist in creating the fund, managing and completing the transaction on behalf of the fund.

Stage 4

Win the bid and get to work on becoming the best pharmacy business steering the future of pharmacy a positive direction!

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